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The American republic rests upon the foundation of “E Pluribus Unum” — out of many, one. Although the Founders knew from their own experience that a vast diversity in outlooks and opinions would be present among the country’s citizens, they understood that such diversity must rest upon principles and practices we hold in common. It is up to each generation to make sure that this foundational unity remains intact. This project on American Civics seeks to contribute to that worthy cause.

To go deeper into the subjects covered by this online library, please visit the following subportals: EqualityLibertyRace & SlaveryU.S. ConstitutionEngaging the 1619 Project, Student Resources1776 Series, and About RealClear's American Civics Portal.

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Essential Reading

  • Joseph Postell, Heritage Foundation
    Over the past 100 years, our government has been transformed from a limited, constitutional, federal republic to a centralized...
  • David Randall, et al., National Association of Scholars
    Bottom Line: Six reviewers critique portions of five popular history and civic textbooks, finding that, despite some good qualities...
  • Ralph Lerner, National Affairs
    Our point of departure is the Benjamin Franklin known to history: a man with a studied familiarity, albeit with an aura suggesting...
  • Myron Magnet, New Criterion
    To gauge how unbridgeable the gulf is that divides the American Left from the Right, rewind to February 19, 2009, when those who...
  • Vincent Phillip Muñoz, RealClearPublicAffairs
    The meaning of religious freedom remains one of the more contested areas of our constitutional politics. The progressive left tends...
  • David Randall, National Association of Scholars
    The Civics Bill Tracker includes a Database and a Summary Analysis of every proposed American civics education bill, both...
  • Larry Arnn, Matt Spalding, et al., The President's Advisory 1776 Commission
    In the course of human events there have always been those who deny or reject human freedom, but Americans will never falter...
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Carl Cannon's Great American Stories



Allen Shick & Kevin Kosar, Understanding Congress
David Randall, Bruce Frohnen, Kevin Gutzman, et al., National Association of Scholars
Nadine Strossen, Glenn Loury, Richard Shweder, et al. Heterodox Academy
Chris Flannery, American Story
Jeff Sikkenga, Christopher Riano, & Cara Rogers, Ashbrook
Tony Williams, Kirk Higgins, & Josh Schmid, BRI Primary Source Close Read
Bob Woodson, Christ Chapel Drummond Lecture Series
Jason Van Dyke, Chris Ruli, & Stewart McLaurin, White House Historical Association
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