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The American republic rests upon the foundation of “E Pluribus Unum” — out of many, one. Although the Founders knew from their own experience that a vast diversity in outlooks and opinions would be present among the country’s citizens, they understood that such diversity must rest upon principles and practices we hold in common. It is up to each generation to make sure that this foundational unity remains intact. This project on American Civics seeks to contribute to that worthy cause.

To go deeper into the subjects covered by this online library, please visit the following subportals: EqualityLibertyRace & SlaveryU.S. ConstitutionEngaging the 1619 Project, Student Resources1776 Series, and About RealClear's American Civics Portal.

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Essential Reading

  • Hillsdale College
    The Hillsdale 1776 Curriculum is a complete collection of lesson plans for teaching American history, civics, and government to....
  • Dennis Hale & Marc Landy, RealClearPublicAffairs
    These days, the idea of citizenship immediat­­ely calls to mind the idea of rights: we have rights because we are citizens of a rights-protecting...
    Top historians rank America's presidents in the latest iteration of this annual survey. The historians rank Abraham Lincoln the...
  • Richard M. Reinsch, RealClearPublicAffairs
    The moral justification for markets finds itself on the defensive in the face of aggressive challenges issuing from progressives but...
  • M. Anthony Mills, National Affairs
    In both ends of the political spectrum, it seems liberalism has become démodé. From the traditionalist right, R. R. Reno of First...
  • Jack Miller Center
    A couple weeks ago, we examined the infamous legacy of Lincoln’s predecessor, President James Buchanan. Often remembered for...
  • Larry Arnn, Matt Spalding, et al., The President's Advisory 1776 Commission
    In the course of human events there have always been those who deny or reject human freedom, but Americans will never falter...
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Carl Cannon's Great American Stories



John Grant, Jay Sexton, & David Randall, National Association of Scholars
Hadley Arkes & Lee Strang, The Federalist Society
Chris Flannery, American Story
Larry Arnn, Hillsdale College
Ian Rowe, Jeanne Allen, & Michael Moe, In Piazza
Ronald J. Pestritto & Tim Benson, Ill Literacy
Greg McBrayer & Jeff Sikkenga, American Idea
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