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The American republic rests upon the foundation of “E Pluribus Unum” — out of many, one. Although the Founders knew from their own experience that a vast diversity in outlooks and opinions would be present among the country’s citizens, they understood that such diversity must rest upon principles and practices we hold in common. It is up to each generation to make sure that this foundational unity remains intact. This project on American Civics seeks to contribute to that worthy cause.

To go deeper into the subjects covered by this online library, please visit the following subportals: EqualityLibertyRace & SlaveryU.S. ConstitutionEngaging the 1619 Project, Student Resources1776 Series, Making Citizens Series, and About RealClear's American Civics Portal.

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Essential Reading

  • Hugo Gordon, Washington Examiner
    America is going wrong. That is the stark but necessary starting point for this editorial. Many people know it to be true; they can...
  • Wilfred M. McClay, New Criterion
    The title of “citizen” has lost much of the simple grandeur it once had. It deserves far better, and as Victor Davis Hanson shows...
  • The Heritage Foundation
    Bottom Line: A product of the greater Western intellectual inheritance, the U.S. Constitution was created by the American people...
  • Nathan Harden, RealClearEducation
    If a tree falls in the wilderness and there’s no one there to hear it, does it make a sound? That could be the start of an interesting...
  • The 1776 Commission, RealClearPublicAffairs
    Sept. 17th is a day of celebration and pride.Two hundred and thirty-four years ago on this date, 39 delegates from throughout...
  • Mary Grabar, RealClearPublicAffairs
    Within the context of the events taking place during his lifetime, Thomas Jefferson comes off as the prudent voice of reason and...
  • 1776 Unites
    The 1776 Unites curriculum offers authentic, inspiring stories from American history that show what is best in our national character...
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Carl Cannon's Great American Stories



Hilary West, Royce L. Dickerson, & Stewart McLaurin, 1600 Sessions
Bill of Rights Institute
Michael Warren, Patriot Lessons
Daniel J. Mahoney & Victor Davis Hanson, The Traditionalist
Akhil Reed Amar, National Constitution Center
Chris Flannery, American Story
Carol Delaney, Alexander Hamilton Institute
Jarrett Stepman & Douglas Blair, Daily Signal Podcast
Brian Katulis, Ruy Teixeira, Danielle Pletka, et al., Making Sense of the World
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