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Contact: Mike Sabo 
April 8, 2020

Real Clear Foundation Unveils American Civics Media Portal

Portal offers essential American civics resources for students, teachers, and citizens-in-the-making

Washington, D.C. – RealClearFoundation, a nonprofit organization in partnership with RealClearPolitics, announced today the publication of a new website dedicated to renewing civic education in the United States. RealClearPublicAffairs: American Civics presents an authoritative and inspiring account of the civic history of the United States that avoids a blind chauvinism or a warts-only view of our country and its people. Above all, it seeks to explain, as the contemporary Irish poet Bono once said, why America is “one of the greatest ideas in human history this idea that you and me are created equal.”

We are at a pivotal time in our nation’s history. Our political leaders have asked “We the People” to stay home from work and practice social distancing and good hygiene in the name of the common good. But what are these concepts –“People,” “nation,” and the “common good”? Our leaders explain that America and her people will overcome this public crisis because our country remains the greatest, freest nation of the world. But upon what ground is this American optimism built? Our American Civics page provides these answers. Rather than living by the constant fluctuations of the 24-hour news cycle, take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to understand your country – and your American self – a little better.

“RealClear’s American Civics web portal gives students, teachers, and citizens-in-the-making a clear understanding of our nation’s founding principles and history,” said RealClearPolitics Publisher David DesRosiers. “We draw upon the best resources, research, and scholarly writing in order to educate and inspire a new generation of Americans.”

Housed at RealClearPublicAffairs – and found on the front pages of RealClearHistory and RealClearEducation – our civics portal unleashes RealClear’s curated approach in the service capturing the depth and breadth of important issues of public concern. Our ambition is to see this civics portal develop into the premier place for online learning about the American experiment in self-government. Please contact Mike Sabo if you would like to embed a widget on your institution’s webpage that directs visitors to our Civics portal.

Visitors will encounter the familiar RealClear format of daily news curation and multimedia resources along with subpages dedicated to exploring key themes such as equality, liberty, and race and slavery. Each subpage features essential readings, primary and secondary resources, podcasts and videos, and lessons plans and curricula for teachers. Additional subpages will be added as the site grows over the course of the year. 

Renowned historian Wilfred McClay praised RealClear’s American Civics portal: “If we are to keep our republic, we need to do a better job of forming our people for citizenship. To that end, the RealClear republic of good sense has come along with this impressive new website, designed to be a gathering place for the best resources relating to that subject: history, government, economics, and current events, all in one place.”

RealClearFoundation is grateful for the support of the Diana Davis Spencer Foundation (DDSF) in developing this effort. “The Diana Davis Spencer Foundation is delighted to partner with RealClear,” said Diana Spencer, President of DDSF. “This civics website will embrace American pride and patriotism, highlighting our history, our values, and our freedoms.”

RealClearPolitics Senior Editor and citizen historian Carl M. Cannon gives the best expression of our principled ambitions in a piece just published today. We invite all media to republish it.

Contact Mike Sabo (msabo@realclearpolitics.com) if you have any questions.