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The State Solutions page empowers citizens, policymakers, and communities to develop and share practical solutions to today's problems by promoting the best research, analysis, and stories from all 50 states. 

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  • Pioneer Institute
    A new report by the Pioneer Institute finds states and school districts are failing to allocate sufficient federal funding to special needs students in private schools.
  • Pelican Institute for Public Policy
    A new report from the Pelican Institute for Public Policy explains how regulatory sandboxes will encourage job growth and opportunities that strengthen Louisiana families.
  • The Buckeye Institute
    In a new paper, The Buckeye Institute’s Economic Research Center found that coming out of 2020, New Hampshire is in better financial shape than many other states thanks to a sound revenue structure, relatively restrained spending, a strong economy, and good management. The research, conducted in partnership with the Josiah Bartlett Center, found that New Hampshire’s fiscal house was in order before the pandemic, with low taxes and a healthy reserve fund that made it easier for state policymakers to respond well to the unexpected economic challenges at-hand.
  • Commonwealth Foundation
    The Commonwealth Foundation argues instead of using American Rescue Plan funds as a temporary budget patch, the Pennsylvania Legislature should take this opportunity to tackle structural reforms and strengthen the economy.
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