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  • Pioneer Institute
    As Massachusetts voters now begin to weigh the potential impact of a ballot proposal to increase taxes on business owners, retirees and wealthier households, a new literature review by Pioneer Institute shows that many existing academic studies find that wealthy individuals are particularly sensitive to changes in tax policy. Other studies explicitly warn policymakers that behavioral responses to taxing the rich could erode the tax base and ultimately strain state budgets.
  • Independence Institute
    A new analysis from the Independence Institute finds Colorado lawmakers have approved tax and fee increases on Coloradans of up to $617 million annually without voter consent.
  • John Locke Foundation
    In a new report, Dr. Terry Stoops explains the role school boards must take related to the adoption of critical race theory curriculum in the classroom.
  • Commonwealth Foundation
    A new study from the Commonwealth Foundation and the American Federation for Children shows that Pennsylvania’s tax credit scholarships are a powerful tool for student success, recipient lifetime earnings, and the state economy.
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