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  • Pioneer Institute
    A spate of new incentive and subsidy programs seeking to lure talented workers and innovative businesses away from their home states could constitute an additional challenge to Massachusetts’ economic and fiscal recovery from COVID-19, according to a new study published by Pioneer Institute.
  • John Locke Foundation
    North Carolina’s spending restraint over the past decade has yielded many significant benefits. It made tax reform and savings possible even as spending on schools and Medicaid increased. The economy has accelerated, and more people are moving to North Carolina in search of opportunity. A new research brief from the John Locke Foundation argues a constitutional Taxpayer Bill of Rights that holds future legislators to the same standard as legislators have voluntarily applied to state budgets since FY 2011-12 would help ensure government remains on a fiscally sustainable path with few constraints on economic growth.
  • John Locke Foundation
    Do we have enough teachers to help students recover some of the lost learning this past year? The John Locke Foundation takes a look in this new research brief.
  • Cardinal Institute for West Virginia Policy
    The Cardinal Institute for West Virginia Policy answers common questions regarding West Virginia’s Hope Scholarship Program.
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