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In the days and weeks ahead, Reimagining Healthcare will examine the healthcare issues impacting the 2022 Mid-Term Elections: Certificate-of-Need laws hindering innovation; price controls on prescription medicines threatening access to new cures; and proposals putting Medicare in jeopardy. Expect a civil, yet, spirited discussion on the most pressing health policy topics being debated in Congress and State Houses across the country. 

We are at the three-year anniversay of the Covid-19 pandemic and those in power still can’t "string enough common sense together". This week in Reimagining Healthcare we look at how a one-size-fits-all approach to Covid is bad for patients and public health. And, on drug-pricing policy and President Joe Biden's 'Build Back Better' scheme, Tomas J. Philipson writes in The Hill, "The revised drug plan passed by the House last month may be well-intended, but by robbing seniors of the health gains from future drugs we find it will be 31 times as deadly as COVID-19 to date."

What does ‘Reimagining Healthcare’ mean? It’s simple, really.

A reimagined healthcare system puts patients first and equips medical professionals with the most advanced tools to save and improve the lives of the American people. Innovation, invention, and modernity are the keys to medical progress; to new cures and novel therapies; to healthier lives.  

America is built on progress, and this is true across all sectors, especially in healthcare, medicine, and science. However, the Covid-19 pandemic exposed a tragic reality: America’s healthcare system – your healthcare system – is undermined by too much bureaucracy and red tape that prevents doctors, nurses, and medical researchers from helping people.

Essential Reading

  • Tomas J. Philipson, The Hill
    The revised drug plan passed by the House last month may be well-intended, but by robbing seniors of the health gains from future drugs we find it will be 31 times as deadly as COVID-19 to date.
  • Joel Zinberg, NY Post
    Covid-19 is still with us. Cases are rising in Europe and to a smaller extent in this country. But the fact that SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, has become endemic, does not mean the sky is falling.
  • Eric Bolinder, Americans for Prosperity
    As the Delta variant surges across the country, Hawaii has run into a dire problem: A shortage of hospital beds, which could force providers to ration care.
  • The Editorial Board, Wall Street Journal
    Covid cases and hospitalization have blessedly plunged since the summer Delta surge as more Americans have been vaccinated or acquired natural immunity.Yet the Biden Administration is still fighting the last virus war, and on Thursday rolled out its worker vaccine mandate, which will likely do more harm than good.
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Dean Clancy is a senior health policy fellow at Americans for Prosperity and a nationally known health care freedom advocate with more than twenty years of policy experience.
Americans for Prosperity
Joel M. Zinberg, M.D., J.D. is a senior fellow with the Competitive Enterprise Institute.
Dr. Marty Makary practices surgical oncology and advanced laparoscopic surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital and is a professor at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School.
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