Reimagining Healthcare


What does ‘Reimagining Healthcare’ mean? It’s simple, really.

A reimagined healthcare system puts patients first and equips medical professionals with the most advanced tools to save and improve the lives of the American people. Innovation, invention, and modernity are the keys to medical progress; to new cures and novel therapies; to healthier lives.  

America is built on progress, and this is true across all sectors, especially in healthcare, medicine, and science. However, the Covid-19 pandemic exposed a tragic reality: America’s healthcare system – your healthcare system – is undermined by too much bureaucracy and red tape that prevents doctors, nurses, and medical researchers from helping people.

Essential Reading

  • Marion Mass is a Philadelphia-area pediatrician who trained at Duke University Medical School and Northwestern University; she is the co-founder of Practicing Physicians of America.
    Outrage over the Food and Drug Administration’s recent approval of a new Alzheimer’s treatment highlights several serious flaws in our nation’s drug-approval process. We are focused on medical certainty, which can delay the availability of innovative, potentially life-saving treatments. Additionally, reports of behind-the-scenes machinations are creating authentically earned distrust in the products manufactured by our pharmaceutical industry, which leads the world in innovation.
  • Tom Price is a physician who served as Health and Human Services secretary in 2017 and is a former U.S. congressman from Georgia.
    As America begins to put the COVID-19 pandemic in the rearview, the lesson from this once-in-a-generation crisis couldn’t be clearer: We need less, not more, central planning in our lives.
  • Brian Blase served as a special assistant to President Trump at the National Economic Council, 2017-19. He is president of Blase Policy Strategies LLC.
    Through the near-miraculous success of vaccines at ending the coronavirus pandemic, it’s clear that medical innovation both saves and improves lives. Yet many leading congressional Democrats are pushing a deeply flawed bill that will harm patients by undermining the very innovation that delivered multiple safe and effective vaccines in record time.
  • Americans for Prosperity
    The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services proposed a new rule this week that would make permanent some of the agency’s previous reforms to the practice of telemedicine. Specifically, the rule change would allow home health agencies to continue using remote patient monitoring, phone calls, two-way audio-video, and similar technologies to connect Medicare patients and clinicians.
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Dean Clancy is a senior health policy fellow at Americans for Prosperity and a nationally known health care freedom advocate with more than twenty years of policy experience.
Americans for Prosperity
Joel M. Zinberg, M.D., J.D. is a senior fellow with the Competitive Enterprise Institute.
Dr. Marty Makary practices surgical oncology and advanced laparoscopic surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital and is a professor at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School.
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