Entrepreneurship is the process of bringing an idea to life and sharing it in the marketplace. The principal sources of innovation and job creation are new, young, and growing companies, responsible for nearly all of the net new job creation in the U.S. economy. As a result, entrepreneurship cannot be considered an afterthought. Whatever one’s politics, it is a national priority.

Having finally recovered from the Great Recession, the national entrepreneurship rate is at its highest level in two decades. The purpose of this page to gather the best thinking on what can be done to keep it growing. Declines in entrepreneurship reduce productivity and job formation – and with them economic growth, wages, and living standards for all Americans.

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Bardi Toto Drake, BoldTV
Philip Rosedale, Khan Academy & Kauffman Foundation
Want to Start a Business? Here's How to Find Your First, Great Idea. <div class="video-icon"></div>
Jeff Rose, Entrepreneur
Richard Branson, Khan Academy & Kauffman Foundation
Gary Vaynerchuk Motivation
Dave Gilboa & Neil Blumenthal, Kauffman Foundation & Khan Academy
Giles Shih, Kauffman Foundation & Khan Academy
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