Key Findings from Franklin & Marshall's June Poll

Summary of Study

Franklin & Marshall College released a new poll with findings on Pennsylvanians’ positions on COVID-19, Gov. Tom Wolf, and election reform.

According to the poll, less than 7% (1 in 10) of Pennsylvania’s registered voters believe COVID-19 is the state’s most important problem. Instead, “government and politicians” (30%), in addition to economic issues (15%), top voters’ concerns. Overall, though, their view of Pennsylvania is bleak. As the report notes, only 35% of voters believe the state is “headed in the right direction.” For comparison, in October 2019, 57% of voters offered an optimistic view.

“These negative assessments about the direction of the state and personal finances likely translate to lower job approval ratings for Governor Wolf,” writes Berwood Yost, director of F&M’s Center for Opinion Research. Wolf’s positive job approval rating currently stands at 39%.

Meanwhile, as election reform remains a top issue in Harrisburg, F&M’s findings illuminate where Pennsylvanians’ stand on this polarizing topic. A majority of Pennsylvania’s voters believe “the state’s laws need revised, although this belief is stronger among Republicans (75%) than among independents (52%) or Democrats (46%).” The report adds: “Overall, a majority of voters favors signature matching for mail-in ballots (81%) and photo identification requirements (74%), while voters are divided about eliminating no-excuse voting by mail. Support for these electoral reforms differs substantially by party.”

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  • 95% of Pennsylvania's registered Republicans and 47% of Democrats support requirement of photo ID for voting.
  • 94% of Pennsylvania's registered Republicans and 64% of Democrats support the requirement of signature verification on mail-in ballots.
  • 39% of Pennsylvania's registered Republicans and 80% of Democrats support allowing election officials to begin counting mail-in ballots before election day.

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