Reviewing Pittsburgh’s 2020 Finances

Summary of Study

Monthly revenue and expenditure reports from the Pittsburgh City Controller’s office show that the city collected $551.6 million in revenue and spent $596.3 million—a deficit of $44.7 million.

On the revenue side, $551.6 million is 90 percent of the $608.2 million budgeted for 2020; it is 93 percent of the $592.6 million collected in 2019. On the expenditure side, the $596.3 million was 96 percent of the $621.2 million budgeted for the year and 104.9 percent of 2019 spending. 

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Feature Charticle

Allegheny Institute for Public Policy


  • About 80 percent of the city’s revenue comes from taxes—current and delinquent, along with collections, penalties, and interest. The totals raised in 2020 show mixed results when compared to the budget.
  • The city’s property tax collections totaled $149.7 million. That total came in close to budget ($150.1 million or 99.7 percent). Earned income tax collections of $109.4 million slightly exceeded the budget ($108.6 million or 100.7 percent).
  • Three taxes closely connected to commuting and events—parking, amusement, and facilities usage—were significantly curtailed last year and, as a result, fell short. 

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