Tracking White House Adviser Scott Atlas On Television News

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Last week Dr. Scott Atlas joined the White House as a medical adviser on its COVID-19 efforts. The timeline below tracks how many times his name has appeared in the onscreen text of BBC, CNN, MSNBC and Fox News since the start of this year, showing his first appearance was on April 24. His name has appeared over 5,768 seconds of airtime on Fox News, compared with 468 seconds on CNN and just 97 seconds on MSNBC, while not appearing a single time on BBC this year.

Onscreen mentions are frequently used in the chyron text at the bottom of the screen to denote the speaker during an onair interview, though it can also indicate a mention in a crawl or other breaking news headline, so not all of these mentions indicate he was being interviewed onscreen at the time, though many appear to be from interviews.

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Adding "up next" and "coming up" as negative search terms eliminates teaser mentions of his interviews, tightening the search to just his onair interviews.

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