PA’s Employment Situation Improved In June But Has Far to Go

Summary of Study

Bottom Line: On July 17, the state Department of Labor and Industry released the June report on the state’s labor market conditions. Overall, the June results show that significant progress was made since April’s unprecedented collapse of the economy.

The June employment situation showed that significant strides toward improvement have been made since the unprecedented collapse of jobs in April. But the situation in many sectors is still in deep recession and some in serious depression levels. Notwithstanding a significant upturn in jobs since April’s calamitous drop, employment in full-service restaurants, hotels and the arts, recreation and entertainment groups, along with personal services, remain mired at depression levels, and further improvement will be difficult with all the restrictions in place.

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Allegheny Institute for Public Policy


  • Pennsylvania’s June seasonally adjusted household survey data show a drop in the number of people in the civilian labor force (2.7 percent), as well as in the number of those claiming they are working (2.1 percent) from their May levels. However, it indicates that the number claiming to be unemployed is also falling (6.1 percent).
  • These changes lag national performance: the civilian labor force and those employed were both on the rise (1.1 and 3.6 percent, respectively), and the number unemployed dropped significantly (15.4 percent) from May.
  • Pennsylvania’s payroll data show improvement to employment as the state lockdown eased. While improvements have been made since April’s calamitous drop, the situation in many sectors is still dire with some in serious deep recession levels.
  • Not only did the virus lockdown and shrinkage of demand wipe out hundreds of thousands of existing jobs, it also prevented the private-sector employment gains that could have occurred in a moderately expanding economy.

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