“Fake News” Has Faded Away To Be Replaced By “Misinformation” With “Disinformation” Now Second On Television News

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Popularized by Mark Zuckerberg in November 2016, the phrase “fake news” was once everywhere, but has faded nearly linearly in the three years since on CNN, MSNBC and Fox News. At the same time, mentions of “misinformation” has steadily crept upwards and begun increasingly sharply since February 2020.

The term “disinformation” entered the public lexicon at the same time as “fake news” but never gained the same level of popularity. It increased sharply in October 2019 but has remained stable since and has not surged in the Covid-19 era.

The timeline below shows the percentage of the combined airtime of CNN, MSNBC and Fox News devoted to the three phrases over the past decade, using data from Internet Archive’s Television News Archive processed by the GDELT Project

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