Mentions Of Obama Soar – On Fox News

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CNN argued this week that a key facet of President Trump’s Covid-19 messaging strategy in recent days has been to shift attention from the pandemic to “Obamagate.” Earlier this week Philip Bump showed that Fox News led coverage of the FBI and Michael Flynn, but to what degree have mentions of Obama overall gone up?

The timeline below shows the total percentage of airtime on CNN, MSNBC and Fox News since the start of this year that mentioned “Obama” using data from the Internet Archive’s Television News Archive processed by the GDELT Project

Beginning May 8th, Fox News has devoted from 5 to 7% of its total daily airtime to mentions of “Obama” though it has begun ramping down its mentions as of May 15 (the most recent day of data). MSNBC actually devoted almost as much of its airtime that day to mentions of Obama as Fox, while CNN has shifted away from the story.

GDELT Project

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In fact, MSNBC actually has mentioned the phrase “Obamagate” considerably more than its peers, with 62 mentions to 36 on Fox News and just 3 on CNN.