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Contact: Mike Sabo 
September 17, 2020

Real Clear’s American Civics Portal Celebrates Constitution Day

U.S. Constitution theme portal gives students and teachers the tools to understand America’s governing document

Washington, D.C. – In order to commemorate Constitution Day, September 17th, RealClearFoundation announced today the publication of a U.S. Constitution theme portal that explores the history and significance of the United States Constitution.

Housed at RealClear’s American Civics portal, the U.S. Constitution portal provides essential essays from scholars and historians, primary sources – from the pivotal debates at the Constitutional Convention in 1787 to the present day – multimedia resources that explore key constitutional principles such as the separation of powers and federalism, and lesson plans and curricula that are divided by appropriate grade level.

As survey after survey shows that a majority of Americans lack basic civic knowledge, a place that brings together the best resources on the Constitution is crucial. “We the People” must know how our government works and ensure that it stays within the bounds of the powers that we delegated.

The U.S. Constitution, the oldest political constitution still in operation today at over 230 years old, is not the sole province of judges and lawyers. It is the People’s document. All Americans should understand the structure, text, principles, and purpose of the Constitution because it was created to promote our good, safety, and happiness.

“The new U.S. Constitution theme portal explores the oldest governing document currently in existence by providing a deep education on the Constitution’s creation and continuing relevance for political life,” RealClearPolitics Publisher David DesRosiers said. “The portal offers a treasure trove of resources that will teach Americans of all ages about the government they live under and how they can hold it accountable.”

As Americans across the United States debate the constitutionality of lockdowns and mask regulations, we hope that the U.S. Constitution portal can help anchor those arguments in the supreme law of the land. Join us at our U.S. Constitution theme portal to educate yourself and ensure that we can pass along the blessings of liberty to our posterity.