About RealClearPublicAffairs

RealClearPublicAffairs is a new series of sponsored curation designed to provide coverage of important and trending public policy issues.  It’s a deep dive into curated content that we think will engage our audience and deepen their understanding of topical concerns facing our nation’s decisionmakers.

Importantly, each RealClearPublicAffairs page is developed in partnership with top brands and institutions that have an interest and a point of view on the subject at hand. Therefore, readers should not expect the pairing of rival ideas and approaches that characterizes our front page. What readers should expect—and what our public conversation needs—is a factual and fair accounting of an identifiable position.  While there is always an opposing interest and argument to be made, we believe these pages offer a real clear contribution to the policy debate.

We also believe that this approach will allow us to work with partners in exciting and innovative ways, while providing our audience with valuable information and analysis they can’t find anywhere else. Let us know what you think – as always, our most important mission is to serve our audience.

David DesRosiers